Benchmarking Tools for Australian Businesses

The Benchmarking Group hosts the industry’s leading business benchmark comparison tool. Our software analyses a business’s performance against thousands of similar Australian businesses. This creates a detailed Business Benchmark Report which is specific to an individual business. Our tool is used by accountants, advisors and business owners to identify key areas for business improvement and measure annual business performance.  Further, the reports highlight opportunities to increase business productivity and profitability. Each report also offers businesses a valuation based on the current Fair Market Value.

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What is benchmarking?

Business benchmarking is the process of comparing a single business to similar businesses to assess its overall performance. Our comparison tool reviews a series of key performance indicators (KPIs) which are unique to each industry, thus providing each business with a unique report. KPIs analysed include:

  • Productivity indicators: discover opportunities for improvement to ensure maximum productivity
  • Business profitability: assess strengths and weaknesses to increase bottom line profitability
  • Yield/capacity usage: review how well the business utilises facilities and equipment compared to other businesses in the industry
  • Stock turn rates: compare stock turn rates to improve cash flow

Once the comparison is complete, businesses can clearly see how they compare to others within their industry. The Business Benchmark Report also analyses how much businesses are spending on key areas. This means business can review and address spending decisions such as:

  • how much should I spend on marketing?
  • Am I paying too much for rent?
  • Should I spend more on equipment?

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Performance Benchmarking Tools for Accountants & Business Advisors

Our Benchmarking Suite gives accountants and business advisors the tools they need to easily create reports for clients. Your client’s report allows you to efficiently analyse their profitability, productivity, and growth opportunities. You can download your client’s Business Benchmark Report as a PDF, Word doc. or Excel file.

We also offer complimentary branding, so your reports are ready for immediate sharing. In addition, our reports cover a range of growth strategies for your client and recommended tools for improvement based on their performance results. These recommendations are designed to support you to start conversations with clients about growth opportunities.

Our suite also gives you access to all our industry data. We cover a wide range of industries and each report includes specific industry information related to your client’s business. Our industry insights consist of business and employment trends, key success factors, industry financial forecasts, and key economic drivers. All this information can be used to provide highly valuable insights and reports to your clients. Join more than 2,000 Certified Partners who used our reports.

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ATO Business Benchmarks

Our reports include an analysis against the Australian Tax Office (ATO) business benchmarks. The ATO captures all business data annually to provide businesses a high-level analysis of how they compare to all businesses within an industry.  To add value to our clients, we include the ATO’s high-level data with our in-depth comparative benchmark data to give businesses a complete 360-degree review of their results. This helps businesses to improve performance on an annual basis.  Click here for more information about our Business Benchmark Reports.

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Law Firms

We provide firms in the legal industry with tailored tools. This supports business performance and streamlines productivity and operations.

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Architecture Firms

Our partnership with the Australian Institute of Architects offers firms with detailed insights, therefore supporting growth within the industry.

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Business Owners

Small Business Benchmarks. Compare how your business performs against your competitors. Our reports provide timely market intelligence so you can make strategic decisions and stay ahead of the game.

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Franchises & Associations

Our technology platform is available for franchises and associations to licence. Contact us for more details about how we can support your goals.

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Custom Benchmark Projects

Need help with your projects? Contact us to find out how we can assist you.

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Government Projects

We offer unique services to government departments. This includes valuation services, forecasting and productivity analysis.

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This report is FANTASTIC!! Thank you to you and your team for doing this. And to think a revised version will come in April with even more data, even better. This is beyond what I was expecting and I dare say you’ll have all of us signing up again next year and spreading the word to get others involved. I’m so glad I responded to the initial email and made the time to get involved, rather than just grumbling about being time poor and lazily hitting the delete button.

Best money and time I’ve spent in a very long time!


Matthew Tucker | Principal | Creative Crunchers is an excellent platform to open up meaningful and valuable conversations with our clients about their businesses. The feedback sections in the reports is impressive and the platform is continually improving. We are very excited about the release of the additional 200+ industry benchmarks, which will allow many more of our clients to understand what is driving success in their industries and bring even more value to our business advisory offerings.

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Steven Windsor | FMAAT, FCCA, Business Advisory Manager

With the Benchmark Suite, we now offer our clients benchmarking and consulting services - creating an additional revenue stream.

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Nick Shaw | Director is invaluable for businesses to improve performance and focus on the really critical KPIs.

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Thank you, we really appreciate how proactive you guys are.

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