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Custom Projects

Benchmark Projects

With our custom benchmark tool, organisations can create specific benchmark projects to measure key performance indicators and drive innovation and improvements. Our solution can track project performance, assess strengths and weaknesses and identify opportunities for efficiencies. This is particularly important for projects that are subject to external evaluation.

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Benchmark Projects: what can you benchmark?

Benchmarking Projects can be developed for any purpose, program or strategy including:


Government or Council projects

Track project progress against milestones; obtain resident and/or business feedback across multiple programs and strategies; measure the continuous annual improvement of local programs; and establish best practice principles across all council areas.


Government programs and incentives

Build benchmarking to determine optimal program performance; run internal benchmarking projects across departments to compare performance; undertake reviews with key stakeholders to increase engagement; and conduct annual project/program reviews to showcase positive results and identify areas for improvement.


Long-term complex projects

Undertake complex benchmarking across multiple functions to determine industry trends and concerns; run performance benchmarking across agencies to drive process improvements; deliver detailed reports highlighting internal strengths and weaknesses of departments; and engage with residents and businesses via obtaining project/program feedback to improve success.

How does it work?

Whilst each project is unique, we go through the following steps with all clients to build their custom benchmark project.

1. Define your goals

Setting your project strategy is the first step to ensure we measure and track your priorities. During this process we develop your custom benchmark metrics.

2. Create your online application

The online application is built to enable your participants to both complete the required information. This portal can be branded with your logo and linked via your own website desired.

3. Collect participant data

Collecting data is vital for all benchmarking projects. Our intuitive tool ensures this process is hassle free for all participants.

4. Data quality assurance

We check all data collected to create high confidence reporting for all clients. If required, our team can also support with data input.

5. Analyse results

The online application can be used to analyse all project results. This platform can also be used by participants to benchmark their results against the group and/or industry (if applicable).

6. Export Custom Reports

The final custom report can be exported at any time from the online application. The project team can add commentary and analysis to this report if required. Further, deeper insights can be gained via exporting data as excel, word or pdf and running report variations.

What’s included in our Benchmarking Packages?

We have a range of reporting tools available to suit any benchmarking projects. Each benchmark project is tailor built with our clients to develop the optimal solution. All options include features for both the project manager and project participants if desired.

Project Manager Inclusions

Customise your benchmarking project to track your project/program goals.

  • Customised benchmark metrics: determine what you want to measure and track. This may be anything from uptake and success of a certain program or initiative, local business performance or internal team productivity.
  • Custom brand design: your reports and online application can be branded with your logo and colours to create a seamless brand experience for participants.
  • Ability to add commentary and analysis: give access to project experts to add specific analysis across any aspect of your report.
  • Ability to benchmark periodically: set milestones to assess periodic benchmarks relevant to your project success.
  • Customised participant portal login and registration tools: provide a secure, custom registration form to all participants to make it easy for them to both enter information and access their own reports. This can be embedded directly to your website if required.

We work with you to design your detailed benchmark report. All areas below, and more, can be included in the final results:

  • Executive Summary/Message from the CEO/Manager: provide a synopsis of the report for readers, including a message from the key stakeholder/s.
  • Participant Insights: analyse the results of your custom benchmarks to gain insights about your project/program participants.
  • Create Participant Benchmarks: your results will form your participant benchmarks. These benchmarks can be tracked periodically, or against a range of KPI’s and metrics.
  • Industry Benchmark Comparisons: where relevant, industry wide benchmark comparisons can be provided against group results.*
  • KPI Analysis: detailed analysis will give the project management team deeper insights into areas that are excelling, as well as focus points for improvement.

*please note: for bespoke industries divisional data may be used.

The online application is a core feature of the benchmark projects package. Our tool includes:

  • Regular tracking of project performance: review project success against your established benchmarks and milestones
  • Tracking new participants: monitor any new entries from participants and address issues as they arise
  • Ability to run unlimited reports: set and export intermittent/periodic reports for management/external use
  • Data analysis: ability to download raw data and further analyse information to support strategies and project success
  • Trends and industry analysis: access a range of industry specific insights* to analyse trends across Australia

*please note: for bespoke industries divisional data may be used.

All Benchmarking Projects also have the option to enable participants to access their own individual benchmarks.

Participant Inclusions Options:

Where relevant, all participants can also download and review their own Benchmark Report. This is of particular benefit for businesses or groups to compare their results against their peers. The following benefits are included in this package:

Allow participants to anonymously track their performance against their peers/other participants to see where they stand. Their individual report can include:

  • Group Project Benchmarks: give participants insights into the project progress and success showcasing trends and statistics.
  • Participant Benchmark Comparisons: participants can compare their results against others in the benchmarking project whilst maintaining complete anonymity. Where relevant, participants can also compare results against industry benchmarks*.
  • KPI Analysis: the detailed KPI analysis can provide guidance to participants regarding success areas and opportunities for growth and improvement.
  • Business Valuation: Where relevant, a Fair Market Value analysis of the business value in today’s market can be undertaken for business-based participants.

*please note: for bespoke industries divisional data may be used.

Participants can also be given access to the online Benchmarking application. This includes:

  • Performance tracking: online tracking of their performance again peers.
  • Benchmark reporting: ability to set and export intermittent/periodic reports for management or external review.
  • Data Analysis: download raw data and further analyse information as required.
  • Trends and industry analysis: access to a range of industry specific insights* to analyse trends across the Australian business landscape.

*please note: for bespoke industries divisional data may be used.

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Find out More About Benchmarking Today

Contact us to find out how we can support your franchise group. In addition to our above features, all our custom packages include:

  • Tailored designed business portal and login
  • Access to technical support for you and your business owners
  • Data upload assistance for all participants if required
  • Access to the benchmarking business resources library for all business owners.

For more information, contact us today to find out more.