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Benchmark Suite

Frequently asked questions relating to our product offerings.

What industries does the Benchmark Suite currently cover?

You can view the full list of industries here.

How do I setup Client Access for my clients / end-users?

As a subscriber to the Benchmark Suite you can provide your clients with access to the tool for the purpose of data entry and analysis.
Once a company record has been created and appears on the client dashboard, click to open the file.

Click on Setup Client Access for the preferred year (if there is more than one year, access is provided for the selected year, not all years within the company record).

From here the user can:

  1. Select the pages you would like your client to have access to (either all pages or limited to data entry only)
  2. Nominate a username and password for your client
  3. Highlight and copy the new login details from the text field

Is there a user manual for the application?

Yes, after login into the application, there is a download link at the bottom of the page. ​

Where do you get the benchmark data from?

Every time an accountant or business advisor enters data to benchmark their clients, this creates a data record on our end that we can review. If it’s a suitable addition, we add it to our sample and update our benchmarks.

How do you update benchmarks?

Our benchmark data is supplied by our subscribers, over 2,000 accountants and financial advisers across Australia use our tool and submit their client’s data, which in turn creates our benchmarks.

When data is entered into our system, we review each entry to make sure it is not budget data and is relevant. Then we screen each KPI to see if it fits within a normal range (upper and lower statistical cut-offs). After the review process is complete, we update our benchmarks.

This means our benchmarks are continuously updated with the latest data provided to us.

Does company data remain private when entered into the Benchmark Suite?

The Benchmarking Group will only ask for a company name when you create a new report. This is the only means to identify a company entered into our system. You have the option to use an internal file reference instead of a company name and then change the details briefly whilst you print or simply print to word and replace the labels.

All data entered is removed of the company name, reviewed, cleaned of outliers and then converted into benchmark averages. There is no way to determine which companies are in a sample. In fact, our system cannot even publish a single record, thus the company will always remain anonymous.

Australian Benchmark Report

Frequently asked questions relating to the Australian benchmark report.

What Industry Reports are currently available?

You can view the full list of industries here.

What do I receive when buying a report?

You receive the PDF report via email.
In addition, you gain 12 months access to our platform to benchmark your own business. If you have problems compiling the data for the inputs, contact your accountant to assist you as it should not take them more than 30 minutes.

FAQs Support / Training

Frequently asked questions relating to the training & support.

How can I register for / view a webinar?

You can view a prerecorded webinar for the Benchmark Suite + ABR product here.
You can view a prerecorded webinar for the Legal Business Monitor here.
To register for a live webinar, please contact us today and we can schedule a day and time suitable for you.