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Benchmarking for Government Projects

Benchmarking key performance indicators for government departments and projects can drive innovation and improvements. From local councils to federal agencies, our software is designed to track progress, assess strengths and weaknesses and identify opportunities to improve performance. This is particularly important for government bodies that are subject to evaluation and/or scrutiny by the public and private industry.

In addition to assessing government project management and general performance, benchmarking can be utilised to capture important metrics from project participants (being general public, specific groups or businesses).

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Government Project Benchmarking

Our innovative benchmarking platform can be utilised by a wide range of government bodies include:

  • Local Government/Council projects: track project progress against milestones; obtain resident and/or business feedback across multiple programs and strategies; measure the continuous annual improvement of local programs; and, establish best practice principles across all council areas.
  • State Government projects, programs and incentives: build benchmarking to determine optimal project performance; run internal benchmarking projects across departments to compare performance; undertake reviews with key stakeholders to increase engagement; and, conduct annual project/program reviews to showcase positive results and identify areas for improvement.
  • Federal Government short- and long-term projects, nationwide: undertake complex benchmarking across the nation to determine industry trends and concerns; run performance benchmarking across agencies to drive process improvements; deliver detailed reports highlighting internal strengths and weaknesses of departments; and, engage with residents and businesses via obtaining project/program feedback to improve success.

All our government project packages are tailor designed, so contact us today for more details.

What’s Included in Our Benchmarking Packages?

Pending on your project requirements, we have a range of license options available for government bodies. To see a full list of our project licenses, please view Benchmarking Projects.


Project Licenses for government


Platform Licenses for Government


Custom Application Licenses for Government

All Our Benchmarking Licenses and Projects Can Be Fully Customised to Suit Your Department/project Requirements and Include:

  • Specific member portal and login including branding
  • Opportunity to download reports with your specific brand (including logo, brand colours and can be designed in accordance with brand guidelines)
  • 24/7 technical support for portal owners and users
  • Access to data upload support for all users looking to enter in business and/or project benchmarking data
  • Annual performance benchmarking options to determine positive and negative key performance indicators
  • Owners and user access to the platform resource library

Learn more about how benchmarking can support your objectives. See our Benchmark Project Licenses for further details or discuss your requirements with our Partnerships Manager, Vincent Keogh.