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The NSW Federation of Housing Associations needed to model best practice among the group housing organisations across a multitude of key performance indicators. They wanted to better understand the attributes of a successful housing partner and support those who fall under this benchmark. Engaging with a technology partner was a simple answer to these complex questions.


The Federation engaged in a collaborative benchmark project focused on two integrated components:

  1. the community housing provider benchmark and
  2. the workforce survey

We conducted a series of online data capture exercises and supported the Federation in the distribution and collection of data. Our data consolidation team with the analysts and our benchmarking tool created smart data out of the big data sets that had been received.


The Federation now has a business benchmark across the group community and workforce housing organisations. They have answers to those complex questions and real-time best practice benchmarks to model off. The exercise was a success resulting in improved business performance, consolidated group expenses and a lift in revenue.

NSW Federation of Housing Associations