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The Business Valuation Report

The Benchmarking Business Valuation Report is a unique report which calculates both the current business value and how this value can be increased based on different strategic decisions.

The report uses the six most common valuation methods in Australia, so you can determine your client’s estimated business value and goodwill value.

Our Value Analysis considers a range of choices business owners can make which may increase – or decrease – their value.

With our Benchmarking Suite, you can run unlimited business valuations for your clients. With our FREE trial, you can test it out today!

The Business Valuation Report is only included as part of our Benchmarking Suite.

You can use the Business Valuation Analysis to:


Add a new unique service and revenue stream to your business advisory offering

Analysis 2

Streamline your current business valuation offering


Rapidly calculate what your client’s business is really worth


Determine what investments a client should make to increase their business value


Support clients to maximise their business value prior to a sale

Quality Data

Build a business growth strategy that is backed up by high-quality data

You can try our Business Valuation Analysis with our Benchmarking Suite FREE TRIAL.

What’s included in our Business Valuation Analysis

Calculate a client’s estimate business value

Each client’s estimated value is determined using the most common valuation methods in Australia.

calculate client estimate business value 1c
analyse the impact of business investments-1c

Analyse the impact of business investments

Run scenario analysis to consider how strategic decisions may increase – or decrease – the value of a business.

Determine the goodwill value

Understand your client’s goodwill value and what they can do to increase the value of their non-tangible assets.

goodwill valuation analysis 1d
build an exit strategy roadmap 1e

Build an exit strategy

  • Understand your client’s goodwill value and what they can do to increase the value of their non-tangible assets.
  • Build long term strategies to maximise a client’s long term business value
  • Consider and analyse your client’s most profitable exit strategy
  • Support your client stay on track to successfully sell/leave their business on their terms.

+ more

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