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Member based organisations

Benchmarking for Business Associations and Membership Groups

Deliver your members even more value with our custom-built Member Benchmark Reports. These reports are designed for organisations with business members including business associations/chambers of commerce, industry specific associations/bodies, council run business programs and member-based insurance/finance groups. Our reports not only provide in depth analysis to members, but also enable the member organisation to gain unique insights into member trends and performance.

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Member Benchmarks: How does it work?

Member benchmarking is driven by the membership organisation to ensure value is gained by both the organisation and members. We work with you throughout the following process:

1. Define your membership goals

We start your project build with your strategic goals in mind. This means understanding your membership priorities and what you want to track. This may include anything from member business performance to member retention or member business confidence.

2. Create your online application

Next, we create your online application which acts as a portal for your members. The online portal is custom branded with your logo and colours and can link directly from your website. This portal is a one stop site for data collection, analysis, and reporting.

3. Collect member feedback and data

Via the online application, members anonymously enter their feedback and financial data. Our API tool connects common accounting tools and excel files to the platform to provide an easy input process.

4. Data quality assurance:

We always ensure the quality of our data is second to none. Therefore, we undertake quality assurance on every data upload so our clients can have high confidence in the benchmarking results. We can further support members to input data if need be.

5. Analyse results

Both the member organisation and all participating members will then have access to analyse the benchmarking data. Members will be able to anonymously benchmark their individual business against the group and the wider industry*, and organisations will be able to undertake group analysis and trends.

6. Export Custom Reports

Members and organisation can then export their custom reports as PDF, Word or Excel files. All reports are branded with the organisation logo and colours and organisations can add custom commentary as desired.

Your Custom Member Benchmark Report Package

We have developed a series of inclusions specifically for member-based organisations. Below lists the inclusions for both organisations and members and all elements are included in the one package fee.

Member Organisation Inclusions

Member based organisations can custom design benchmark reports to gain unappareled member insights. Used strategically, these insights can be leveraged to add value to members and improve the organisations offerings. Find out more about your benchmarking report inclusions below.

Design your project to add value to your members and achieve your organisational goals.

  • Customise benchmark questions for your members and industry: include 10 custom designed benchmarks specific to your organisation in addition to our 40+ industry specific benchmarks.
  • Branded reports and online application: all aspects of the package inclusions can be branded by the organisation. This provides a seamless user experience for members and showcases your organisation’s investment in adding value.
  • Customised member portal login and registration tools: we can provide registration forms that can be embedded directly to your website, as well as a dedicated login portal to make it easy for your members to access their information and reports.
  • Optional payment tool: some organisations may want to on-charge our benchmarking service to members to create an additional revenue stream. We can incorporate a payment tool into the online application for this purpose if desired.
  • Ability to add insight and commentary: organisations can add commentary and insights throughout the report to highlight membership trends, successes and focus areas for improvement.
  • Ability to benchmark members and organisation year on year: annual tracking can showcase organisation successes and provide insights for strategic planning. Further, annual performance of members can be used to drive new members and retain existing businesses.

Include the sections you want in your report. Below are just some examples of what we can provide:

  • Executive Summary: an analysis of your report or a message from your CEO to members.
  • Membership Insights: using your custom benchmarks you can include insights such as membership retention, member business growth, member confidence, member satisfaction with the organisation and much more.
  • Member Benchmarks: gain an understanding of how your member’s businesses are performing and what the benchmarks are for your specific group of businesses.
  • Industry Benchmark Comparisons: analyse the financial performance of your members as a group against others in your industry* or against similar businesses.
  • Member KPI Analysis: the KPI analysis showcases where your members excel and where they need support. Organisations can use this to build support programs for members, as well as highlight member success.

*please note: for bespoke industries divisional data may be used.

All organisations will have access to a dedicated online application to gain even further insights. This tool includes:

  • Tracking membership performance: undertake reviews of how your members are performing and how they are improving
  • Periodic reporting: run a range of reports including downloading custom data in raw files. (note: member organisations financial details will always remain confidential).
  • Industry trends and analysis: access to a range of industry specific insights* to analyse trends across the broader industry in Australia.
  • Increasing organisation revenue: our benchmarking tool offers the option to create a payment tool to on-charge services to members to generate a new revenue stream for the organisation.

*please note: for bespoke industries divisional data may be used.

Member Inclusions:

In addition, all participating members ALSO receive the following package features included in the same cost:

These reports are an extension of our Business Benchmark Reports and include additional features that have been customised by the member organisation.

  • Member insights: selected information by the organisation can be provided to members to showcase how the organisation is performing, as well as providing general information on member feedback.
  • Group Member Benchmarks: showcase on general financial performance of members against industry wide statistics.
  • Member Benchmark Comparisons: individual business analysis against both the wider industry* and all other members in the organisation. This vital section enables the business to assess how they are performing compared to their peers.
  • Member KPI Analysis: the analysis provides further insight to members regarding their performance and adds commentary regarding areas for improvement.
  • Business Valuation: Fair Market Value analysis of the business value in today’s market.

*please note: for bespoke industries divisional data may be used.

All members will also have access to the organisations online Benchmarking application. This will enable members to:

  • Review and track financial data: easily input business and financial information into the tool to view and track their data as desired.
  • Undertake periodic performance benchmarking: benchmark their own business performance periodically as desired.
  • Analysis business data: download data and further analyse their benchmark results and performance in excel, word or pdf files.
  • Review industry insights and trends analysis: gain access to a range of industry insights* to analyse trends across the Australian business environment.

*please note: for bespoke industries divisional data may be used.

Benchmarking: Benefits for Member-Based Organisations

Benchmarking not only creates value for member, but also provided greater insights for your organisation’s management team. Key benefits for organisations include:


Attraction / Retention

Analysis 2

Industry Growth


Organisation Strategy

BM-Icons_Icon #4-17

Training Materials

  1. Attract new members and retain members: giving your members access to this unique tool, which they can compare profitability, productivity, expenses/overheads, spending on employees and much more, adds value to their membership. This can support in retaining current businesses and be utilised as a marketing tool to showcase member your value offering.
  2. Drive industry-wide growth: Benchmarking can be a vital tool for member organisations to monitor and foster industry-wide growth.  Understanding trends in members and the industry can support organisations drive advocacy and strategies to enable economic growth.
  1. Establish and monitor organisation strategy: analysing member trends will support management generate organisation strategy; and our benchmarking tool helps you to monitor your goals and success.
  2. Create training material: benchmarking creates the opportunity to increase value for members via creating new workshops and training. With our tool, you can either establish new training sessions, or bolster your current training and workshops with real data and insights. This can be used to drive new and existing membership success.

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Find out More About Benchmarking Today

Contact us to find out how we can support your franchise group. In addition to our above features, all our custom packages include:

  • Tailored designed business portal and login
  • Access to technical support for you and your business owners
  • Data upload assistance for all participants if required
  • Access to the benchmarking business resources library for all business owners.

For more information, contact us today to find out more.