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Benchmarking for Accountants

The Benchmarking Suite has been designed specifically for accountants and business advisors. With the Benchmarking Suite, you can create unlimited Business Benchmark Reports for your clients, giving your accounting firm a competitive edge.

Our business benchmarking tool analyses thousands of businesses across Australia to give clients the most accurate and current information. The software further analyses your client’s information against the ATO Benchmarks and provides a series of tailored Key Performance Indicators, with recommendations for business owners, in each report.

Find out how your clients can benefit from the Benchmarking Suite.


The Benchmarking Suite

The Benchmarking Suite was created as a time saving, value-adding tool; to support you support your client’s business performance. This suite also enables you to on-sell reports to clients, giving firms an additional income stream and product offering.

Knowing your client’s benchmark and tracking performance can be critical to their business success. All our Business Benchmark Reports provide your clients insights into their business, such as:

  • Business profitability: how profitable is their business compared to similar businesses in the industry? Are overheads higher or lower than the industry average?
  • Revenue comparison: how much should they be earning/charging compared to other businesses?
  • Stockturn rates: are goods being sold at a profitable level and is stock on hand going to cause future issues?
  • Employee expenses: is their human resources team/business managers spending too much or not enough on employees? Is your client’s employee staffing level optimal and how does this compare to other businesses in their industry?
  • Productivity analysis: is the business operating at an optimal rate compare to businesses in the industry? Is the business leveraging its equipment and assets appropriately?
  • Business value: what is the Fair Market Value of the business in today’s market?

The insights provided enable you to start a conversation with your clients about business planning, ways to improve business performance and opportunities for growth.

More than 2,000 Certified Partners offer their thousands of clients intelligent accounting benchmark reports and analysis, with our benchmarking platform.

Sign up to our Benchmarking Suite from $246 per month.

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Features of the
Benchmarking Suite

The Benchmarking Suite is our most popular product, with accounts and business advisors utilising its features to support Australia small businesses identify opportunities for improvement and growth. Our benchmarking system has been fully optimised and enhanced for the job at hand, allowing you access to a raft of unbeatable functionality.

The Benchmarking Suite includes all features of the Business Benchmark Report as well as key additions specifically designed for accounts and business advisors.

Streamline Imports With Xero and Excel

Simplify the benchmarking process by seamlessly importing your client’s benchmarking data into our online platform from Xero or Excel. Uploading existing files avoids double-up of work, as well as reduces human error – ensuring your client’s data is accurate. We are a certified Xero Partner and can assist your data uploads at any stage.

Export Unlimited Branded Business Benchmark Reports

Provide your clients with professionally branded reports, complete with your firm’s logo and colours. With our benchmarking suite, this means when you export any report in PDF, Word or Excel file, it’s ready to forward directly to your client.

Add Value with Our Editable MS Word Reports

If you want to add more value, all our reports can be exported to an editable MS Word file so you can add or change content based on your client’s requirements. You can also add pricing and servicing information about your firm’s offerings. Editable reports can also form a template for further business strategy and planning.

Offer Annual Benchmarking Reviews

Review business performance year on year by offering your clients multi-year benchmarking reports. With the benchmarking suite, you can enter multiple years for your clients to analyse trends, assist with budgeting and assess how the company is improving annually compared to other businesses in the industry.

Gain Greater Insights Into ATO Benchmarks

Compare your client’s results with the ATO benchmarks to avoid audits. ATO Benchmarks are included in our report, meaning we are the one stop shop for all benchmarking needs.

Provide Clients with An Estimated Business Value

Gaining insights into the worth of a business can enable small business owners to make high-level strategic decisions. The Benchmark Report uses a capitalisation of profits method to determine a fair market value for each business. This figure can support your clients when determining exit strategies, investment attraction and acquisition opportunities.

Ongoing Support and Resources

Our Team is always on hand to support your needs. We offer free data reviews and access to our strategy and resources library. This means you can provide even more support and advice to your clients.

Benchmarking Comparison Software for Law Firms, Accountants and Business Advisors

Get the Benchmarking Suite Today!

Our benchmarking software is completely accessible online, meaning you can start benchmarking your client’s business performance immediately. You can also use the suite to view a wide range of industry data reports.

As the Benchmarking Suite gives you access to unlimited reports, you can offer benchmarking as a service to any client. This may be as an auxiliary service to your client to diversify your revenue, or, as a value-added service to increase your customer satisfaction. Clients have even utilised our benchmarking offering to gain more clients and grow their accounting firms.

See how accountants and business advisors use our Benchmarking Suite to gain an edge over their competitors.

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Why Our Customers Love the Benchmark Suite

What People Say

This report is FANTASTIC!! Thank you to you and your team for doing this. And to think a revised version will come in April with even more data, even better. This is beyond what I was expecting and I dare say you’ll have all of us signing up again next year and spreading the word to get others involved. I’m so glad I responded to the initial email and made the time to get involved, rather than just grumbling about being time poor and lazily hitting the delete button.

Best money and time I’ve spent in a very long time!


Matthew Tucker | Principal | Creative Crunchers

Benchmarking.com.au is an excellent platform to open up meaningful and valuable conversations with our clients about their businesses. The feedback sections in the reports is impressive and the platform is continually improving. We are very excited about the release of the additional 200+ industry benchmarks, which will allow many more of our clients to understand what is driving success in their industries and bring even more value to our business advisory offerings.

Pascoe Partners Accountants


Steven Windsor | FMAAT, FCCA, Business Advisory Manager

With the Benchmark Suite, we now offer our clients benchmarking and consulting services - creating an additional revenue stream.

Shaw Downie Chartered Accountants


Nick Shaw | Director

Benchmarking.com.au is invaluable for businesses to improve performance and focus on the really critical KPIs.

Business Mentor and Advisor

The Business Centre Newcastle


Michael Hilsden, FAIM, FACS

Thank you, we really appreciate how proactive you guys are.

AV Chartered Accountants


Antony Vidray | Director