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Our Story and its sister organisation FMRC have been conducting performance benchmarking for more than 140 industries, since 1969. Confidentiality of client data and the quality of existing data is one of our core values that sets us apart from other research providers and online tools.

Utilising our online Benchmarking Platform, we are able to match its research capability with a robust solution to conduct online benchmarking projects – fully branded to the project requirements from registration through to reporting.

With more than 2,000 Certified Partners and Licensees using the Benchmark Suite platform today, we have unique insights into the key drivers of business performance.

With specially designed questionnaires, surveys, financial benchmark tools and a business valuation feature, our users are equipped with the right information to make informed decisions to improve their business operations.

Asking the right questions will yield great results, so contact us today for more information.

Why our customers love the Benchmark Suite

This report is FANTASTIC!! Thank you to you and your team for doing this. And to think a revised version will come in April with even more data, even better. This is beyond what I was expecting and I dare say you’ll have all of us signing up again next year and spreading the word to get others involved. I’m so glad I responded to the initial email and made the time to get involved, rather than just grumbling about being time poor and lazily hitting the delete button.

Best money and time I’ve spent in a very long time!


Matthew Tucker | Principal | Creative Crunchers is an excellent platform to open up meaningful and valuable conversations with our clients about their businesses. The feedback sections in the reports is impressive and the platform is continually improving. We are very excited about the release of the additional 200+ industry benchmarks, which will allow many more of our clients to understand what is driving success in their industries and bring even more value to our business advisory offerings.

Pascoe Partners Accountants


Steven Windsor | FMAAT, FCCA, Business Advisory Manager

With the Benchmark Suite, we now offer our clients benchmarking and consulting services - creating an additional revenue stream.

Shaw Downie Chartered Accountants


Nick Shaw | Director is invaluable for businesses to improve performance and focus on the really critical KPIs.

Business Mentor and Advisor

The Business Centre Newcastle


Michael Hilsden, FAIM, FACS

Thank you, we really appreciate how proactive you guys are.

AV Chartered Accountants


Antony Vidray | Director