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Benchmarking is a powerful analytical tool which can support organisations gain greater insights than traditional surveys. When your organisation undertakes benchmarking, it benefits not only you, but also your members, teams, and stakeholders. This is because every participant that contributes data, feedback, or information, can create their own individual benchmark report using your template. Your custom report may include sales targets, customer trends, membership value, franchise returns, project engagement or business attitudes.

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Custom Benchmarks: How does it work?

In just a few simple steps, you can create a custom benchmark report for your organisation, as well as your key stakeholders.

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1. Establish Custom Benchmark Questions

All our Custom Benchmark Reports are designed in collaboration with the report owner. This means each report is unique and supports the organisation goals. The first step is to establish the objectives of the benchmarking report to ensure we are asking the right questions.

2. Design Online Application

Your custom online application is designed to both collect and analyse participant data. Our tool can be branded with your corporate colours and logo, and linked via your online platforms.

3. Collect Participant Data

Once the application is designed, participants can input their data and results directly. Data quality is one of our key priorities, therefore we undertake quality checking on all entries to ensure high data confidence.

4. Analysing results

Our intelligent benchmarking tool provides in depth data analysis against your chosen parameters. In addition, we review your data against hundreds of industries and trends to give further benchmarking insights. We can offer additional data analysis and statistical reporting as required.

5. Your Benchmark Report

The end product is a complete benchmarking report, designed with your logo, branding and custom text if desired. This report can be shared internally or externally. In addition, you will have access to the online portal to run additional report variations as desired. You can also establish annual reporting to measure objective improvements over time.

6. Participant/stakeholder reports

The unique element of Custom Benchmark Reports (compared to our Benchmarking Suite) is that all your participants can also access their details via the online portal and download their own individual benchmark reports for their business, team or project element.

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Member Based Organisations  |  Franchises  |  Custom Projects

What can you benchmark?

Your custom benchmarking report is designed to support your strategic goals. This may be to support team productivity, add higher value to members or to increase franchise turnover. With a Custom Benchmark Report, the options are plentiful! Below are examples of what your organisation can benchmark:


Franchisee support

With custom benchmark reports, franchises can analyse enterprise-wide figures to set strategic targets as well as support franchise managers to reach full potential.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Whilst benchmarking financial and employee goals are important, companies can also develop real-time tracking of CSR commitments and goals.


Strategic goals

Custom benchmarks can be developed to measure any strategic goal set by the business. These can be reviewed periodically as required, from daily to annually. Further, with the custom dashboards, access can be given to managers and/or employees to share strategic successes.

Sales Target

Sales targets

Managers can review their team sales against other teams within the company which enables high-performing managers to share strategies for business success as well as provides senior managers the opportunity to support to those under-performing.

Team Productivity

Team productivity

Executives will be able to analyse team productivity across the company to track trends at various locations, or within departments. These insights can help develop productivity benchmarks across the business.

Analysis 2

Client/customer trends

Using internal data combined with custom benchmark reports allows managers to gain greater insights into customer/client trends and build strategies to better deliver products and services.

Member Insights

Member insights

For member-based organisations, benchmarking provides insights and trends regarding member value and engagement. Greater understanding of members can lead to both increased member numbers and enhanced member offerings.

See a sample Custom Benchmarking Report here or contact us to discuss how a custom report can support your company.

Benchmarking For

Franchise Owners discussing the advantages of Benchmarking Software

Member-based Organisations

Provide greater membership value with our Member Benchmark Reports; custom designed to your organisation’s priorities.

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Give your franchisees greater insights into their business with our specialised Franchise Benchmark Reports.

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Projects & Programs

Our benchmarking reports offer a range of solutions to benchmark projects and programs.

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Add Value For Your Clients/Customers, Members and Franchise Owners

In addition to analysing benchmarks for your organisation, our Custom Benchmark Report Package enables you to provide individualised reports for your clients/customers, franchise owners and/or members.

This means any participant that provides data or feedback into the benchmarking report will have access to view their personal results.

If you want to provide custom reports to your stakeholders, talk with us today.