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Benchmarking for Franchises

Our custom designed Franchise Benchmark Reports enable you to design and track goals specific to your franchise. With our reports, each franchisee business owner can track how their business is performing compared to both the franchise group and wider industry. For corporate/head office, our reports enable you to quickly identify trends across all franchisee businesses to provide additional support where needed.

All our Franchise Benchmark Reports are custom designed, so contact us today to find out more.

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Franchise Benchmarks: How does it work?

Establishing your Franchise Benchmarks only takes a few simple steps.

1. Define your franchise goals

First, we work with you to determine what you want to benchmark and track. This may be sales performance, productivity, inventory management or strategic indicators.

2. Create your online application

Once we have defined your benchmarks, we create your online application, complete with your franchise branding, which can be used by both the franchiser and franchisees.

3. Collect franchisee data

Our intuitive benchmarking tool integrates with accounting software to enable a seamless data input exercise for franchisees. During the input process, franchisees will also be prompted to input additional information if needed to build the desired corporate/franchise report.

4. Data quality assurance

Our team will undertake a data quality check to ensure all information has been entered correctly and accurately. We are also available to help with data input if required.

5. Analyse results

Once data has been collected, you will be able to analyse your franchise group results in the online application. If desired, our analysts can also provide written report of your results. Franchisee owners will also have access to analyse their individual business results anonymously against both the franchise group as a whole, and the wider industry.*

6. Export Custom Reports

Via the online application, you can export your custom report as a PDF, Word or Excel file. As a custom report, you will have the opportunity to add commentary to any of the analysis. Further, all franchisee owners will also be able to export their own franchise individual reports.

Your Custom Franchise Benchmark Report Package

Each Franchise Benchmark Report Package offers much more than just a report.

Franchisor Inclusions

As a franchisor, you can customise your project and report to benchmark areas of importance to your business. Further you will gain access to our benchmarking online application which will provide greater insights. Read more below.

Build your project to meet your business needs.

  • Customise benchmark questions to suit your franchise needs: our standard package includes 10 custom questions in addition to our 40+ industry specific benchmarks.
  • Reports and online application branded with your logo and corporate colours: we can integrate your corporate colours and logo to your report and your online application.
  • Ability to add commentary and analysis: add your own commentary to any aspect of the report. This may include providing recommendations and suggestions for business improvements or highlighting opportunities for future investments. Alternatively, we can provide an analysis for you.
  • Ability to benchmark franchisees year on year: once your franchise is set up, you can analysis your business each year to identify successes and areas for growth.
  • Customised member portal login and registration tools: we can provide registration forms to be embedded directly to your website, as well as a dedicated login portal to make it easy for your franchisee owners to access their information and reports.

Your customised report can include a range of sections and features such as:

  • Executive Summary: construct a customised review of your report written by you or our analysis team.
  • Franchise Insights: set your own benchmarks to determine how your franchisees are meeting the corporate strategies. This may include anything from growth in new clients to retention of employees to sales performance.
  • Franchise Benchmarks: using the benchmarking financial reporting tool, our benchmark application can analyse your franchise performance as a group, thus you can determine any internal trends relevant to your business.
  • Industry Benchmark Comparisons: we will then compare your group results to other businesses in the industry to analyse your overall performance.*
  • Franchise KPI Analysis: our in-depth analysis will provide insights on where there is opportunity for performance improvements when compared to the industry.

*please note: for bespoke industries divisional data may be used.

In addition to your benchmark report, you will have ongoing access to our Benchmarking Online Application.

  • Regular tracking of franchise performance: monitor how your franchisees are performing to identify growth and support opportunities.
  • Periodic reporting: ability to run and export intermittent/periodic reports as required.
  • Data analysis: ability to download raw data and further analyse information to support group strategies.
  • Trends and industry analysis: access to a range of industry specific insights* to analyse trends.
  • Establish group benchmarks: ability to analyse individual franchisee performance against group benchmarks.

*please note: for bespoke industries divisional data may be used.

In addition to all the above features, your Franchisees ALSO receive the following package features:

Franchisee Inclusions:

Franchisees also benefit from the Franchise Benchmark Report Package. They receive individual benchmark reports to show their performance as well as gain access to the online application. Read on below to see inclusions for franchisees.

These reports give franchisee owners the ability to analyse their business performance against both group and industry benchmarks. The report includes:

  • Group Franchise Benchmark: information on the franchise performance as a group, including custom benchmarks as designed by corporate/head office.
  • Franchisee Benchmark Comparisons: report assessing the individual franchisee performance against the wider industry*. Further, our histograms enable each business owner to learn where they stand against their peers whilst maintaining complete anonymity.
  • Franchisee KPI Analysis: review and analysis of the franchisee performance, highlighting opportunities for growth and business improvements.
  • Business Valuation: Fair Market Value analysis of the business value in today’s market.

All franchisee owners will also have access to the online Benchmarking application. This includes:

  • Performance tracking: Online tracking of franchisee performance
  • Periodic reporting: Ability to run intermittent/periodic reports as required
  • Data analysis: Ability to download and further analyse information
  • Trends and industry analysis: Access to a range of industry insights* to analyse trends

*please note: for bespoke industries divisional data may be used.

Benefits of benchmarking for Franchises

Our benchmarking solution is designed for both franchisors and franchisees to drive overall brand growth. We have highlighted the key benefits below:

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Competitive Advantage


Identify Trends


Encourage Growth


Franchise Growth

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Training Programs

Industry based associations can utilise our benchmarking software options in many ways to benefit members:

  1. Increase the franchise brand competitive advantage: With our benchmarking software, franchise brands can benchmark both individual stores and group performance against competitors in the industry. Comparison areas include cost of goods sold compared to revenue, rent and location costs, investment in advertising and marketing, employee expenses, stock turn rates and overall profitability. Knowing competitors’ strengths and weaknesses will give franchise brands a competitive advantage at both the franchisor and franchisee levels.
  2. Identify group-wide trends: Within our benchmarking options, franchises can build group specific benchmarking systems to assess key performance metrics relevant to the brand and industry.  This enables management to establish group trends, positive and negative, highlight areas for improvement and derive positive unique selling points.
  3. Encourage individual store growth: Individual stores can benchmark against others in the industry, as well as others in the group, showcasing opportunities for improvements.  Our reports can support franchisees to identify how they can grow and where they are excelling.
  1. Increase the number of franchisees: : With our software, franchisors can promote store support, return on investment figures and annual store improvement as key offerings to potential franchise buyers. Via our tailored benchmarking solutions, franchisors can build specific projects to track any information required which can be extremely useful for when promoting franchise stores for sale.
  2. Develop Training Programs: Using real data, management can drive strategic franchisee training programs with a focus on the most critical items. This will support store owners to track and measure their performance and strive for continuous improvements.

Interested to learn more about how Benchmarking can support your franchise? Contact us today.

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Find out More About Benchmarking Today

Contact us to find out how we can support your franchise group. In addition to our above features, all our custom packages include:

  • Tailored designed business portal and login
  • Access to technical support for you and your business owners
  • Data upload assistance for all participants if required
  • Access to the benchmarking business resources library for all business owners.

For more information, contact us today to find out more.