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Benchmarking for Business Owners

Ever wondered how your business compares to your competitors? The Australian Business Benchmark Report has been designed to give business owners understanding and insight into what is driving success in your industry, and how well your business is performing. We analyse thousands of Australian businesses across a wide range of industries to give business owners accurate, relevant and timely information which can support you to make strategic and operational decisions.

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Knowing your industry and competition better can support you to gain a competitive edge.

In addition to receiving a report covering your industry, all Australia Business Benchmark Report purchases include access to our benchmarking software backend, so you can enter in your business information and gain insights specific to your performance to identify key areas for business improvements.

Use our detailed reports to support developing business and operations plans, business expansion/growth feasibility studies, strategic marketing plans, business investment opportunities, grant applications and exit strategies.

Get your Australian Business Benchmark Report PLUS 12months access to the benchmarking software for your industry for just $575

Benchmark Your Business

Knowing your industry and competition better can support you to gain a competitive edge.

All our reports are tailored to each industry and include the following information:

  • Industry performance & opportunities: what is driving the success of the industry and what do you need to do to drive sustainable growth? What are the strategies business owners need to implement to stay ahead of the competition?
  • Employment trends: What will job opportunities be in five years? Are jobs growing or declining? What is the average wage and skill level for the industry?
  • Productivity: are you utilising your business assets, employees and location to maximum business productivity? Or do you need to invest in more technology, new equipment or employees?
  • Overheads: how much are you spending on daily activities such as marketing, IT, and rent compared to other similar businesses in the industry?
  • Revenue comparison: are you charging too much or not enough for your products and services?
  • Stockturn rates: how well are you managing your stock on hand and turnaround times? Is this impacting your cash flow and how can you manage it.
  • Employee expenses: are you investing enough in your employee training and skill levels? Or, are you over-paying staff compared to other businesses in the industry?

Get your Australian Business Benchmark Report PLUS 12 Months Access

Benchmarking Software for your Industry for just $575

Features of the Australian Business Benchmark Report Package

Gain instant access to both your specific Australian Industry Report and our benchmarking software when you sign up to the Australia Business Benchmark Report Package. Our software is designed to support business owners identify growth opportunities within their industries, so you can make confident business decisions.

For small business owners, we offer a range of key features as part of your package:


Personalised Business Benchmark Report


Access to The ATO Small Business Benchmark Assessment Tool


Greater Insights Into Industry Trends


Year on Year Business Reviews


Estimated the Value of Your Business

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Ongoing Support and Resources

Personalised Business Benchmark Report:

As a business owner, you not only receive an in-depth industry research report, but you can also develop your own personalised Business Benchmark Report. Our software makes it easy for business owners and finance managers to quickly import business information required to form the report. Our software connects to Excel and Xero, as well as offers the choice to directly enter into the online system. Each Business Benchmark Report includes a range of Key Performance Indicators and related growth strategies. Find out more about our Business Benchmark Reports.

Greater insights into industry trends:

Understanding what is driving industry-wide performance can dramatically improve business growth. Our industry reports focus on analysing trends and addressing what may impact growth or decline over the next 3-5 years. This is particularly important for businesses that are focused on revenue and profit growth; or minimising losses.

Estimated the value of your business:

Using the capitalisation of profits method, our Benchmark Report provides you with a fair market value for your business. This can help you with either growth opportunities or exit strategies. Further, knowing the value of your business can support in making business decisions such as: whether to invest in capital purchases, to grow or reduce employment and/or to invest in growth or focus on consolidation.

Access to the ATO Small Business Benchmark assessment tool:

The Australia Tax Office (ATO) undertake high level business benchmarking each year so they can both gather important data and identify businesses for audits. With our benchmarking software, you can assess if your business fits into the ATO benchmark requirements before you submit your tax return and activity statements. This can support business owners to address any errors, or adjust high expenses claimed if required. Find out more about the ATO Small Business Benchmarks.

Year on year business reviews:

Businesses who utilise our system on an annual basis can track both financial performance and benchmarking performance. Whilst tracking financials are important, with annual benchmarking, you can review how you are performing compared to thousands of other similar businesses. This provides owners with a complete performance review and can support you in making strategic decisions.

Ongoing support and resources:

Our Team are always here to help. We offer support in data uploads as well as provide you with a vast range of business resources and tools.

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The Australian Benchmark Report

Sign up today to gain a better understanding of what is driving success in your industry and how you can apply this to your own business. Through our benchmarking software, you can download your personalised report as a PDF, Word doc. or Excel file. This means you can use our reports to support:

  • Strategic planning and preparing high-level documentation to support business growth
  • Human resources reviews to assess employee pay, performance and benefits compared to the industry
  • Preparing operational business plans to improve performance
  • Developing strategic marketing plans to increase market share
  • Undertaking feasibility studies for investment decisions
  • Building business cases for loan, investment and grant applications
  • Developing exit strategies for business owners looking to sell or retire
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