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The Australian Architects Benchmark Report is an opportunity for architectural firms to take a closer look at their current standing within the industry. By participating, your firm will receive both a comprehensive benchmark report and an insightful business valuation. These tools are not just about figures; they provide a deeper understanding of where you excel and where there’s room for growth.

Members of the Australian Institute of Architects, receive a special members price of $287.50, (50% off the regular cost!). This initiative recognises the need for relevant, high-value information in shaping the future of architectural firms in today’s competitive environment.

By participating in this report, your firm can make informed decisions and undertake proactive planning. Each report includes:

  • Industry Analysis: Navigate the market through understanding industry trends.
  • Benchmark Comparison: Identify strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Key Performance Indicators Feedback: Enhance efficiency and profitability.
  • ATO Benchmarks: Manage risk and comply with tax regulations.
  • Business Valuation: Plan for future growth or opportunities.
  • Strategies for Growth Opportunities: Align with industry opportunities for focused business development.

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This report is run in partnership with the Australian Institute of Architects and is exclusively for Australian Architecture Firms.

By participating in the report you will:


Gain a deeper understanding of your business drivers


Understand how productive your employees compared to the industry leaders


Learn where you should focus your resource to drive business growth


See what high profit firms do differently and how your firm can implement new strategies


Get tailored feedback to improve performance


Receive the latest industry statistics so you can leverage current trends and stay ahead of the competition.

What’s included in the Architect's Benchmark Report?


Financial Performance KPI Benchmarks

Financial benchmarking is essential for Australian architecture firms. By comparing your firm’s key financial metrics such as revenue and profitability against industry peers, you gain a comprehensive understanding of your competitive standing. This analysis helps identify areas for growth and refinement, shaping strategies tailored to your firm’s needs. Benchmarking against peers not only illuminates your firm’s position but directly influences financial performance, steering you towards informed decisions and enhanced financial success.

Employee Productivity & Trends

Evaluating the productivity of employees within architectural firms can drive increases in efficiency and improvements when allocating resources. By benchmarking employee productivity with the industry’s best, architectural practices can create and implement strategies that enhance output and align with best practices in the field.

The Architect’s Benchmark Report provides a vital comparison of your firm’s productivity with peers and industry leaders. This comparison helps identify and rectify potential weak points, allowing for targeted professional development and growth.

By focusing on employee productivity and ensuring fair remuneration, your firm can foster a more satisfied and committed workforce. This approach not only reinforces the internal structure of your architectural firm but also sets the stage for long-term success and stability.


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BMK-Architect-Architecture Industry Analysis

Architecture Industry Analysis

The industry analysis is designed to provide architectural firms a comprehensive view of the current market landscape. This analysis helps in understanding key industry trends, growth patterns, and the competitive dynamics that shape the field of architecture. By evaluating these factors, firms can identify opportunities and threats, align their strategies with industry shifts, and position themselves advantageously within the market. An industry analysis also fosters proactive planning, enabling firms to anticipate changes and adapt accordingly. Overall, it acts as a critical tool for informed decision-making, driving growth, and maintaining a competitive edge in an ever-evolving industry.

Business Valuation

A business valuation offers a way for architectural firm owners to understand their company’s worth, presenting a beneficial perspective on both tangible and intangible factors. By knowing the value of the business, the firm can benefit from making well-informed strategic decisions, whether exploring growth opportunities, planning for mergers or acquisitions, or even preparing for a potential sale. The insight gained from a precise valuation can also be helpful in attracting investors or negotiating with potential partners. In essence, a business valuation provides owners with useful insights to navigate the business landscape and supports them in their decision-making processes.

BMK-Architect-Business Val

ATO Benchmarks

We incorporate ATO benchmarking data to offer a broader perspective. Combining the ATO’s general benchmarking results with our specific insights allows Australian architectural firm owners to see how their company is positioned on a national scale.

Our ATO Benchmark analysis can also be used to assess the potential likelihood of a business audit. With our tool, a firm only needs to enter information once to receive both our comprehensive benchmarking analysis and the ATO benchmarking reports.

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See our sample report to view all our benchmarking metrics

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