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Benchmarking Group

Compare your business with our benchmarking software

Our Business Benchmarking Software gives business owners a complete review of all performance metrics relating to a specific industry. This enables owners to see key insights such as:

  • How much am I spending on advertising compared to other businesses?
  • How much should I be charging for my services?
  • Are my employees productive enough?
  • Should I increase or reduce my stock?
  • Am I paying too much in rent?
  • Should I purchase a new vehicle or equipment?
  • Is my equipment performing well compared to other manufacturers?
  • Am I paying my employees too much or too little?

Our software is not only Australia’s most comprehensive business benchmarking tool, but in every report, we provide a range of strategic recommendations based on a business’s benchmarking results. In addition, every report includes an industry analysis so business owners can assess key trends and opportunities that may be relevant to their businesses.

Interested to Learn More? See Our Tailored Packages:


The Benchmarking Suite has been designed specifically for accountants and business advisors. With the Benchmarking Suite, you can create unlimited Business Benchmark Reports for your clients, giving your accounting firm a competitive edge.

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The Benchmarking Suite is a specific platform, designed for accountants and business advisors. With the Benchmarking Suite, business advisors can create unlimited Business Benchmark Reports for clients, adding a new offering, and revenue stream, to your advisory services

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The Australian Legal Industry is highly competitive. So how do you know if your law firm is performing better than your competitors? Working with FMRC, has developed the Legal Business Monitor: a tool designed to take the guesswork out of assessing your law firm’s performance.

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Ever wondered how your business compares to your competitors? The Australian Business Benchmark Report has been designed to give business owners understanding and insight into what is driving success in your industry, and how well your business is performing.

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Our benchmarking software is not only used for business comparisons, we also work industry groups, franchises and governments to create customised benchmarking projects. All our projects are created to enable large and/or diverse organisations to both undertake collection of high-quality data and easily analyse results.

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