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New Industries

Benchmarking.com.au is proud to announce the release of our new industries. Please refer to the table below for our complete list of available industries. If you can’t find an industry you’re looking for, click the button below request a new industry.

Live Industries

Catering Services
Clubs (Hospitality)
Beef Cattle Farming (Specialised)
Beef Cattle Feedlots (Specialised)
Dairy Cattle Farming
Other Grain Growing
Poultry Farming (Eggs)
Poultry Farming (Meat)
Rice Growing
Sheep Farming (Specialised)
Sheep-Beef Cattle Farming
Sugar Cane Growing
Fire and Security Alarm Installation Services
Land Development and Subdivision
Other Building Installation Services
Roofing Services
Site Preparation Services
Structural Steel Erection Services
Aged Care Residential Services
Ambulance Services
Other Allied Health Services
Other Residential Care Services
Aircraft Manufacturing and Repair Services
Aluminium Rolling, Drawing, Extruding
Aluminium Smelting
Automotive Electrical Component Manufacturing
Beer Manufacturing
Boatbuilding and Repair Services
Boiler, Tank and Other Heavy Gauge Metal Container Manufacturing
Clay Brick Manufacturing
Cleaning Compound Manufacturing
Clothing Manufacturing
Communication Equipment Manufacturing
Computer and Electronic Office Equipment Manufacturing
Concrete Product Manufacturing
Copper, Silver, Lead and Zinc Smelting and Refining
Cut and Sewn Textile Product Manufacturing

Electric Cable and Wire Manufacturing
Electric Lighting Equipment Manufacturing
Fertiliser Manufacturing
Fixed Space Heating, Cooling and Ventilation Equipment Manufacturing
Footwear Manufacturing
Glass and Glass Product Manufacturing
Human Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Product Manufacturing
Iron and Steel Casting
Iron Smelting and Steel Manufacturing
Mattress Manufacturing
Metal Coating and Finishing
Mining and Construction Machinery Manufacturing
Motor Vehicle Body and Trailer Manufacturing
Other Basic Non-Ferrous Metal Product Manufacturing
Other Electrical Equipment Manufacturing
Other Electronic Equipment Manufacturing
Other Furniture Manufacturing
Other Metal Container Manufacturing
Other Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing
Paint and Coatings Manufacturing
Pump and Compressor Manufacturing
Railway Rolling Stock Manufacturing and Repair Services
Ready-Mixed Concrete Manufacturing
Rope, Cordage and Twine Manufacturing
Spirit Manufacturing
Steel Pipe and Tube Manufacturing
Synthetic Textile Manufacturing
Textile Floor Covering Manufacturing
Toy, Sporting and Recreational Product Manufacturing
Wooden Furniture and Upholstered Seat Manufacturing
Antique and Used Goods Retailing
Department Stores
Entertainment Media Retailing
Houseware Retailing
Non-Store Retailing
Other Electrical and Electronic Goods Retailing
Retail Commission-Based Buying and/or Selling

Coming Soon

Other Residential Building Construction
Other Social Assistance Services
Biscuit Manufacturing (Factory based)
Bread Manufacturing (Factory based)
Confectionery Manufacturing

Advertising Services
Management Advice and Related Consulting Services
Market Research and Statistical Services
Other Specialised Design Services
Professional Photographic Services
Scientific Testing and Analysis Services